What is an Apprenticeship?

Who are Apprenticeships for?

If you are recruiting, taking on an Apprentice is a great way to employee someone and train them alongside their new job role. Apprenticeships can also be a training option for existing employees who want to gain a qualification.

What is involved? 

  • Functional Skills in English and Maths
  • QCF Qualification
  • BTEC Technical Certificate
  • ERR Employer Rights and Responsibilities
  • PLTS Personal Learning and Thinking Skills

"I'm thinking of doing an Apprenticeship, what benefits will I see?"

  • Earn a salary whilst receiving training
  • Offers a first step into a career or next steps for career progression
  • Begin a structured development pathway, often leading to a long term career

"I'm an Employer, what benefits will I see?"

  • Can make workplaces more productive by introducing new skills and ideas
  • Organisations receive Government funding towards training
  • Employers can create tailored programmes that meet their exact needs
  • Cost-effective, low risk way to grow the workforce

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